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How we will make the world more soulful?

Image of Clouds
Apr 2020


My starting place is that there is one Creator for all. I am sure you have heard about the “god particle,” the tiny particle that researchers believe support the known rules of particle physics. Sometimes it is called Higgs boson. The spirit world says the god particle found at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the string in string theory and the universe is made up simply of vibrating strings.

What this shows us is that the Creator is in all of us. The best way to explain it is how Angel Margaret sets it out. She compares the Creator to a mainframe computer. Angels are the servers, and we are the personal computers. That may startle some of us. Some may push for scientific evidence. To that, I respond: How do you find evidence of what “love” is? At One Souls, we will explore those questions and more:

  • Gods were seen by people on Earth when fast-moving aircraft called UFOs landed on earth. (Picture an aircraft a bit more advanced than an F-35 US fighter.) The beings that landed were so scientifically advanced, the people saw them as gods. I believe this is why the missing link between ape and people will never be found. Our forefathers’ gods (mainly Pleiadeans) stopped coming to earth circa 8,000 years before Christ so that we can earn our own way. Earning is everything. Sharing is a million times more powerful than receiving.
  • Where does the mind reside? Gifted people from all societies since time has been recorded are reporting seeing energy fields around the body. In light of that, I propose, like many others, that our mind lives in the energy field around us. No neuroscientists have ever found the mind in the brain. The brain is only a relay station.
  • Chakras are vortexes of energy that spins outward from our bodies. Gifted people can observe them up to the point of the outer edge of the body’s energy field. But I believe that these vortexes continue to the quasars and exist in a vacuum. In a vacuum, energy moves in an instant, which is why we can feel our body’s energy field is connected to what we call heaven mainly in dreams. These vortexes are also the tunnel of light experienced by people during near-death experiences.
  • Another hidden truth to consider is that Jmmanuel did not pass away on the cross. In the years 13 to 29, it is believed he was educated by Hindus and Buddhists in what is today India/Pakistan/Nepal. Jmmanuel passed away in Srinagar, India. It’s worth noting that Moses and Solomon also spent time in Srinagar.
  • While we are shedding old beliefs that no longer serve, let’s understand what hell truly is. Earth is hell, and we incarnate from the spirit world for life lessons and to grow. 
  • One truth that got left out of the sacred texts of the Old and New Testaments is that about reincarnation. We know now that the powerful church removed references to it. One source I’ve found that corrects the secrets of the Old Testament can be found at ( 
  • A source for a correct New Testament is the Talmud of Jmmanuel, which was found in 1963 and no doubt in the future will be carbon-dated to prove that it came from the time of Christ. In this text, Christ was called Jmmanuel, not Jesus. It is believed that Saul (Paul) falsified Christ’s name again for power purposes. 
  • Turning to the Quran, you may wonder about the truth of its text. The true Quran was the Creator via prophet Muhammed correcting falsehoods in the Old and New Testament. Unfortunately, since prophet Mohammed passed away, Muslim scholars wrote what is called “Hadith,” which immediately undid the Creator’s work. Many Muslim scholars translate the Quran for their own power purposes, so too often interpretations most readily available and most conventionally quoted distort the true meaning of the Quran.
  • The Creator’s biggest gift to us is free will. When we know this, we can begin to understand it is up to us to make the world a better place.

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