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Pilgrimage To Kashmir

ONE SOULS seeks to foster world peace through TRUTH.

Did you know that one of the most contested areas in the world is Kashmir, which has been visited by all five major religions?

It’s true! Karl de Leeuw has created a mini-documentary called “Jesus in India,” which sheds light on this topic. We encourage you to watch it:

Although this TRUTH can be difficult to accept for Christians, we believe that it is the key to achieving world peace in our lifetimes. As an example, Karl de Leeuw grew up in Pretoria, South Africa in a very staunch Christian church and if he can change then anyone can.

This change requires an opportunity, which we are creating through the One Souls World Peace Pilgrimage. This pilgrimage will be held in August and will start at Moses’s shrine in Kashmir. Participants will be able to visit other sites at their leisure.

Please watch this video of Feroz Bhat and Karl de Leeuw discussing all the sites:

If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please contact Karl at

Please note that all participants will be responsible for their own expenses. We hope that this pilgrimage will contribute to World Peace by encouraging individuals to pursue the TRUTH and to visit the Indian shrines in Kashmir.


Karl de Leeuw Square

Karl de Leeuw

Author, Campaigner, ONE SOULS Founder

Karl de Leeuw

Karl de Leeuw is one of the world’s leading peace campaigners. He is author of The Universe CodeThe Healthspring Code and The Dyslexia Code, and is the founder of ONE SOULS. Karl is a Christian.

Tarit Roy square

Tarit Roy

Teacher, Cafe owner, Social worker

Tarit Roy

Tarit Roy served as the most creative teacher in one of the best schools of Kathmandu, Nepal. Now he runs a Cafe in Kushinagar, the place where Buddha attained Nirvana. He is a well known social worker with the motto, “Help all, hurt none”. He is a born Hindu, but as a Vipassana meditator, he helps the Buddhist programme, pilgrimage and monastic activities in Kushinagar, India.

Feroz Bhat

Feroz Bhat

Taxi Driver

Feroz Bhat

Feroz Bhat was Karl’s taxi driver whilst visiting Kashmir to conduct his research. Feroz is an everyday Muslim who is massively into World Peace, like Tarit and Karl.

[ Karl de Leeuw: Articles ]

Below; author, campaigner and Founder of One Souls, Karl de Leeuw, writes passionately about the knowledge he gained in his long search for the TRUTH of creation.

[ The Universe Code ]

Karl de Leeuw’s book, The Universe Code: Unlocking the Hidden Truth About God, Free Will, and the Power of Salvation is available now on Amazon

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